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Market highlights importance of portfolio diversity

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The effect of the recent market downturn on pension savings has highlighted the importance of a diverse portfolio. has reported that the favourite five funds for SIPP investment, as published by Alliance Trust, have been hit by substantial losses over the last month. However with the option to invest in diverse assets such as physical gold or commercial property, SIPPs offer the potential to hedge against volatility by balancing one's portfolio with a range of assets. Our Case Studies show some of the diverse assets our clients have invested in.

It is also important to remember that pensions are a long term investment and fluctuations in market value are inevitable across the lifetime of savings. Investing is a risk whereby you may not get back what you originally invested. However equally investing your pension may produce gains over the long term.

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Important Information:

Pointon York SIPP Solutions Limited do not give advice, and this article should not be construed as advice. Please be aware that the value of investments held in your SIPP can go up as well as down, especially over the short-term. Before making any financial decision we strongly recommend that you seek financial advice and ensure you understand the risks of your decision. To find an adviser in your local area visit, an independent search website. You also need to remember that you cannot access any money invested into a SIPP until retirement, which will then be subject to certain withdrawal limits. Tax rules can change and the exact amount of relief available depends on your circumstances.  Information contained on this website is based on our understanding of legislation and Revenue practice at the time of writing. 


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