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Commercial property offers a flexible and wide range of investment opportunities to the SIPP investor. It can be purchased with or without borrowing; freehold or leasehold.  

The Pointon York Individual SIPP can purchase property from any source including property owned by:
  • the member personally;
  • the member’s business, family and friends;
  • any unconnected persons or organisations
A particular feature of The Pointon York Individual SIPP is the opportunity it offers for joint and co-ownership proposals:  
  • Jointly owned property: Two or more SIPPs combine to purchase property, each owning a share based on their equity stake.  For example, business partners could use their SIPPs to buy their own business premises jointly.  This can lead to certain tax advantages – see tax matters.         
  • Property syndicates: Jointly-owned property, but generally on a larger scale, and often made-up of unconnected individuals. These syndicates are able to utilise their combined purchasing power to invest in larger and multiple properties.
  • Co-ownership: One of the few SIPPs in the market place to allow it, The Pointon York Individual SIPP can be used to co-own property with ‘external’ parties.  This could mean combining SIPP funds with funds from other sources to purchase property. Alternatively, SIPP members who own property may be able to sell (or even contribute in specie) part of their equity to their SIPP. 

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