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It is possible to transfer benefits from other pension schemes to the Pointon York SIPP - the eligibility rules relating to contributions do not apply in this respect. 

Reasons for transferring existing benefits to the Pointon York SIPP may include:
  • The wish to have more control over investment and retirement strategy
  • Consolidation of several previous pension arrangements into one scheme
  • Interest in acquiring commercial property  
  • Dissatisfaction with the service from an existing pension provider/manager
In some instances, transfers to The Pointon York SIPP may be made in the form of assets rather than in cash. This is known as a transfer in-specie. This can mean that the costs of dis-investing (selling) and (buying) re-investing can be avoided.
If you are considering transferring pension benefits into your SIPP from another pension scheme you may be giving up the promise of a guaranteed pension and other rights not provided by a SIPP. You should take professional advice before transferring.

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