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Property Fees

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Our standard property fees

The fees detailed below relate solely to individual SIPPs. 

Fees payable

Property Transactions – payable on completion of transaction

Basic cost for property/land purchase or transfer in:
One member
Shared ownership - each additional member
Plus if property is bought with borrowing
Registering a property for VAT
Property sale or transfer out
Property purchased/sold using non-panel solicitor
£150 per property
£200 per property


Annual Administration Charges – payable annually in advance

Property/land fee
Land - one member
Property - one member
Shared ownership - each additional member
Additional fee for second and each subsequent tenant
Additional fee if there is borrowing
Additional fee if insurance is not via block policy
Making quarterly VAT returns
£375 p.a.
£475 p.a.
£150 p.a.
£300 p.a. per tenant
£150 p.a. per borrower
£200 p.a. per property
£200 p.a. per property


The services covered by the Annual Administration Charge are:

  • Arranging Block insurance
  • Administering the business rates process
  • Arranging the storage of title deeds when a mortgage is redeemed
  • Completing statutory returns to regulatory bodies
  • Dealing with updates to legislation
  • Issuing rent demands, insurance and service charge demands
  • Issuing VAT receipts
  • Maintaining a diary of legal requirements in relation to the lease and keeping you informed
  • Obtaining and dealing with loan redemption figures
  • Paying invoices & agreeing/declining invoices
  • Processing the requests of the Freeholder or Underlease holder
  • Providing information on health and safety requirements
  • Providing ‘point of contact’ services for queries
  • Providing information on the dilapidation process
  • Providing information on valuation requirements
  • Reconciling property transactions in the scheme bank account
  • Reviewing plans for development and advising whether or not permissible
  • Supplying lenders with annual statements

Additional Services

Fees for our additional services are detailed here.  Additional services fees are payable / split in line with property ownership percentage.  The general description of the additional service is purely indicative (not exhaustive). Please contact us if you require any clarification of when a fee is or maybe due.  Our fees are in addition to any third party fees (e.g. solicitors).

Adviser Registration

Provides access to:

  • Bespoke illustrations
  • Online applications
  • Technical updates
  • Risk profiling

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